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General election - get involved Election

The general election on 6 May was your chance to have your say. Now find out more about getting involved in Parliament

Election 2010 timetable Timetable

What happens after the 6 May general election. Key dates and a look at what happens in the next few weeks

What does a hung parliament mean? No majority

The general election did not result in one party commanding a majority of the Commons. Find out more about hung parliaments

How Parliament works Parliament

As the new parliamentary session starts later this month find out more about how Parliament works and how it checks on Government

Parliament TV

Live and archived coverage of all UK Parliament proceedings taking place in public

Parliament TV

Find out what's on Parliament TV and watch archived debates, committee meetings and short films

Bills & legislation

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What's on

  • House of Commons

    Democratically elected house, makes laws and checks the work of Government

  • House of Lords

    A forum of expertise, making laws and providing scrutiny of Government

  • Committees

    MPs and Lords check the work of Government, set up inquiries and scrutinise legislation

  • Publications & records

    Transcripts of debates from both houses (Hansard), business and research papers

  • Topics

    Search parliamentary information on topics from aviation to world economy

Members of the House of Commons

  1. Enter your postcode to find the name and contact details of your local MP.

Members of the House of Lords

Find out about the experience, expertise, interests and affiliations of Lords Members.