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It's 23 April 2010

Parliament was dissolved on Monday April 12 and the General Election will be held on Thursday May 6

The w4mp website will be retained for information during the election campaign. Our Jobs page will continue as normal.

Read the w4mp Guide 'Preparing for Dissolution'

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We currently have 195 job vacancies listed (latest: 23 April).

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Latest news from w4mp

April 21  W4MP's new lifesaving booklet for new staff after the election. Want a peep? Read more.
April 21  Helplines for British nationals stranded abroad. Read more.
April 20  Woman's Hour items on internships Read more.
April 15  The CSA hotline is still available to MSPs and AMs, but not to MPs. Read more.
April 14  There are no MPs - but does your website need amending? Read more.
April 12  Dissolution of Parliament takes effect today: Monday 12 April Read more.
April 10  Hoby's April cartoon Read more.

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Coming up

April 22, 2010

The Future of Services for Children Seeking Asylum: Best practice and reform


One-day conference

April 22, 2010

PIMS Search and Retrieval


Library Training Session

April 22, 2010

Parliamentary Sources on the Internet


Library Training Session

April 22, 2010

Election Countdown 2010 Panel Event



April 23, 2010

Short course- volunteering holiday & sustainability learning in Wales


Otesha UK

April 27, 2010

Internet Search Tools & Techniques


Library Training Session

April 27, 2010

Capitalism After the Meltdown: Can We Recover?


Part of the Stockholm Network “States and Markets” Series

April 27, 2010

RADAR Empowerment Forum



April 28, 2010

Media Sources on the Intranet and Internet


Library Training Session

April 28, 2010

PIMS Search and Retrieval


Library Training Session

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There are 2 notices, latest added on 01 April. The most recent are:


PUSHCHAIR FOR SALE, from March 25, 2010

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"You provide a unique and fantastic service. Without this website, I would not have got either my initial internship or the job that has just been offered me. For over year now I have attempted to get work in the political world, and without you I would not have known where to look. Now I'm using the website for advice on how to do the job. Thank you."

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