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Submit election photos

Official photographer Simon Roberts wants your photos for online gallery of the election campaign

Voting in an election

In the UK, you can vote at a polling station, by post or by proxy. Learn about the different methods

Election in-depth

Material produced by Parliament?s librarians and researchers detailing all you need to know

About Parliament

Find out what a general election means for Parliament. What happens to MPs and Lords during this time?


Parliament is still open to visitors now that a general election has been called. Find out more

Education resources

Teaching about the election? Our resources are designed to support citizenship and modern studies lessons

Parliamentary Outreach

Parliamentary Outreach continues throughout the election period, encouraging engagement with Parliament

Topical Issues

Parliamentary research and other useful material on general elections, including boundary changes and election results

House of Commons

After polling day, new and returning MPs will sit in the Commons, Parliament's democratically elected House

Parliamentary News

Election photographer wants your photos

Election photographer wants your photos

Official election artist Simon Roberts wants voters to document the election
Deadline for registering to vote passes

Deadline for registering to vote passes

Deadline for registering has passed but applications for new proxy votes is 27 April
Deadline for registering to vote is Tuesday 20 April

Deadline for registering to vote is Tuesday 20 April

You must register by 20 April to be able to vote in 6 May general election
Somali piracy report published

Somali piracy report published

Lords EU Committee report examines effectiveness of EU Operation Atalanta in combating piracy

Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission regulates elections in the UK. It is an independent body set up by and accountable directly to the UK Parliament. It aims to build confidence in the electoral process and to promote voter awareness

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