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Westminster Hall Exhibition

Documents on this site and much more featured in an exhibition at Westminster Hall that is now closed.

About the Archives

Behind the scenes look at the Parliamentary Archives.

Parliamentary Archives

About Us

This website has been commissioned by the Parliamentary Archives and produced in association with the 24 Hour Museum. It is designed to provide authoritative information on Parliament's involvement in the British slave trade between 1600 and 1807 and to give access to key archive material relating to the 1807 Act of Abolition of the British Slave Trade. Public comment and online debate is actively encouraged in response to the material provided.

The site also provides a wide-ranging learning resource for teachers and students, particularly for the teaching of Citizenship and History at Key Stages 3 and 4.

The Parliamentary Archives has custody of the archives of both Houses of Parliament, which date from 1497. These records are made available to the public for research, lifelong learning and leisure. You can find out much more about us on the About the Archives pages or on Parliament's main website or visit our online catalogue.

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