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Westminster Hall Exhibition

Documents on this site and much more featured in an exhibition at Westminster Hall that is now closed.

About the Archives

Behind the scenes look at the Parliamentary Archives.

Parliamentary Archives

Your Voice

The material on this site will mean many things to many people. Were your ancestors involved in the slave trade? Did it impact directly upon your local community? We asked you to help us piece together the full significance of the material on this website.

Here are some of the ideas we used to set you thinking...

What do you think?

This archive evokes strong opinions and emotions. Hear Kwame Kwei-Armah's reaction to it.

A photo of a man wearing white gloves, sitting holding a scroll.

Who signed these petitions?

The slave trade sparked mass petitioning across England. Did your ancestors sign?

Extract of document showing several signatures.

Do you recognise these items?

Not very much is known about the contents of Clarkson's African box. What did you tell us about it?

A photo of a wooden drawer, holding various objects.

Studying this at school?

Pupils learning about slavery and the slave trade at school told us some of their thoughts. Read them here.

An extract from a handwritten document.

Westminster Hall exhibition

Listen to music inspired by an image at the exhibition.

Detail of a logo with the words Abolition, Parliament and People in white on blue.

Poetry Please

Poet Rommi Smith worked with students at Burntwood School. Read the results and other poems sent in by the public.

Black and white photo of a woman performing at a microphone.