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This is the official YouTube channel for the United Kingdom Parliament.

Live and archive footage:
Blog: http://parliamentlabs.wordp...
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All material on this channel is subject to parliamentary copyright:
Nome: UK Parliament
The United Kingdom Parliament scrutinises the work of the government, debates and passes all laws and enables the government to raise taxes.
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Big Ben (Clock Tower)
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Learn more about the world's most famous Clock Tower: Big Ben.
House of Lords
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House of Lords 12 Video
Videos about the work of the House of Lords.
People and Parliament Inquiry
13 video
The House of Lords Information Committee is looking at how the House of Lords can improve public understanding of its work and role, and how people would like to interact with the House of Lords and Parliament.

The People and Parliament Inquiry was open to everyone.

Members of the public were invited to post video responses with their suggestions or to take part in the Committee's web forum.

The deadline for submissions has now passed.

You can find out more about the Inquiry at
UK Parliament's Education Service
10 video
Videos from Parliament's Education Service, supporting young people's understanding of Parliament and democracy.
Author and journalist Danny Wallace takes a light-hearted look at the system of go...
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Author and journalist Danny Wallace takes a light-hearted look at the system of go...
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[TRADOTTO] Role of an MP
[TRADOTTO] Role of an MP
The people of the UK vote MPs to represent them in the Houses of Parliament. So wh...
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A proposal for a new law is called a bill. What are the different types of bill? W...
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Find out why we need laws and who creates them. Part 1 of a guide to law makin...
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People often mistake Parliament with the Government. So what's the difference? ...
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A sped-up film of the journey from the bottom to the top of the Clock Tower. Start...
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How is Big Ben and the Great Clock kept on time? This short video explains how thi...
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Gary Railton is a pest controller who works in the Houses of Parliament with Harri...
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